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What are rodents?

Rodents are mammals that can be distinguished by their incisor teeth. Their front teeth are very protruding and never stop growing. They continuously look for things to chew to help wear down their teeth. They are specialists at gnawing. Given enough time rodents like mice can make holes and enter walls.

Our Calgary, Alberta pest control technicians are trained to offer you with the modern exclusion, bait application and trapping making sure your rodent infestation is efficiently and safely removed. Dragon Pest Control offers both Residential and Commercial rodent control year-round, protecting your clients and family from these dangerous invaders in and out. Remember that our residential pest control can aid control any infestation before you become aware of them by regular inspection and proactive treatments. Out exterminators are ready to remove any rodent infestations. Mice and rats might look small and harmless animals, but they can quickly become a health danger. Contact us for responsible control today.

Rat control

At Dragon Pest control, we help you avoid expensive damage to your property and prevent the transmission of diseases by offering effective rats control services. Our technicians are backed with knowledge and innovation and apply safe and dependable control methods which provide a long-term solution to your pest issue. Call us today to discuss the perfect rat control solution for your home or place of business.

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Mouse Removal and Control

The house mouse is the prevalent mouse in Calgary. The pest enters buildings, leading to destructions in different ways. They can run up rough vertical walls or even pipes. They gnaw holes in floors, baseboards, and walls. Diseases transmitted directly by the pest include salmonellosis, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and typhus. Understanding harborage areas, their habit, food needs, and behavior pattern needs the expertise and knowledge of a pest control technician. Contact Calgary Dragon Pest Control for mouse control and advice.

Beaver Control services

Have beavers invaded your property? Do not try to make your traps or tackle the condition on your own. If you want to solve your beaver issue, you require a team of genuine professionals on the task. And at Dragon Pest Control we are here to help. Our reliable rodent control team in Calgary can bring to an end the disturbance caused by these pests. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we can offer the control services you require to rid yourself your issue and have peace of mind.

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Squirrel Removal Calgary

Squirrel Removal and Control

Have squirrels invaded your property? They might appear cute, but the animal can be a carrier of diseases and left to their plan, they can get into power lines and other unwanted places. When they decide to make your property their habitat, you require quick, reliable control that removes the issue efficiently. That is where Calgary Dragon Pest Control comes in. our team of experts can help eliminate the issue once and for all. When you contact us, we will arrive on the scene to examine the condition and implement a solution that works not only eliminating the squirrels but prevent them from reoccurring.

Is it useful to hire a professional rodent control company in Calgary?

Hiring an exterminator to resolve a rodent problem might look a bit expensive, and surely that could be true if it is a single rodent leading to the issue, but if there are more than one vermin disturbing you and your family, a professional exterminator might be the right choice. Below are some reasons why hiring professionals for rodent control is better than trying to do it by yourself.

It is more effective, long-lasting solution

When you go to the store and purchase a mousetrap or rodent poison, that could work for a single pest, while if there is more than one, it is probably cost-effective to hire professionals. In one session, we will look for the area of your premises where rats and other rodents could be entering from and put in place the appropriate steps to eliminate them from your premises and keep them away. Other reasons include: