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Calgary Bird Removal Services

A bird issue at your home or place of business can be more than just annoyance. It can be hazardous, unhealthy and destructive. Highly corrosive, guano can damage structures and property. Usually home to hazardous bacteria, it can also pose risks to human well-being. Besides creating a horrible mess, guano can become a slipping danger, putting you and your business at a chance for liability.

We can help

The professionals at Dragon Pest Control are Calgary’s bird control experts. Applying humane extermination techniques, we help our customers to resolve existing bird issues. And since we believe education is essential to bird control, we help our customers to know the conditions that encourage nesting and roosting and offer them the tools they require to prevent future bird infestations. If unwelcomed birds are nesting or roosting around or on your property, the Calgary bird control specialists at Dragon Pest Control can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request an estimate.

Professional Pigeon Control Services

The pigeon or even rock dove is found worldwide. The bird starts by leading to aesthetic damage to residential or commercial premises. As the population increases, diseases come into the equation. The most popular pigeon diseases include candidiasis, St. Louis, cryptococcosis, E. coli, histoplasmosis, and salmonellosis. Also, their highly acidic droppings can cause damage to siding, shingles, and other structure materials, while also leaving you open to liability in case a quest to your property experiences a slip and stumble accident.

Like most pests, the perfect disincentive for pigeons is prevention. Keeping them out of your home and building keep you away from dealing with fixing and cleaning up damages. Bird control prongs are a safe and effective addition to any surface that the birds normally land on. Bird netting is a noble addition to overhangs and awnings to keep them from behind overhead in walkways and entryways.

If you have pigeon infestation do not wait, call Dragon Pest Control right away for bird control in Calgary, Alberta. We will access the issue on the spot, recommend methods of elimination, repelling, and driving away the pests and take suitable measures to prevent their re occurrence.

Pigeon Removal and Control Calgary

Does it help to hire professional bird Removal Company?

Damages from birds nesting in buildings, automobiles, guttering, ventilation systems and machinery amount to high expenses every year. Besides being unsightly in appearance, some carry diseases and act as a host for parasites such as mites. Dragon Pest Control can help. We clean pests provide safe and ethical bird control and nests removal services in Calgary. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring our professional service.

Preventing damage to your assets

When you choose to hire our bird removal service, you will save some money in the short-term, although it could cost you in the long-term because the acid in their droppings starts to erode any stonework or metal on your building. When you clean the droppings regularly, you are likely to have no issues, although cleaning droppings require time, money, and dedication regularly. With our bird removal service, you will have preventive measures put in place once and never worry about it again.

Other benefits include: