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Calgary Pest Control and Management specialists

Dragon Pest Control is based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). We are known for providing the best Pest removal, control and extermination services in town. The company has accumulated a very positive reputation over a significant time due to its quality services. The secret to Dragon Pest Control’s soaring success lies solely in customer satisfaction. We use efficient and environmentally friendly methods to remove the pest, bugs, and rodents off the property and provide a further guideline on how you can avoid these pests in the future. The pests, bugs, and rodents removed by Dragon Pest Control include Ant, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Moths, Mice, Sow Bugs, Social Wasps as well as pigeons.

Our company comprises of individuals that are experts and completely aware of their work and recommend actions based on the situation. That is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate and our expert individuals leave no stone unturned to clean your property of rodents, pests, and bugs before your property can be declared pests, bugs and rodents free. Our experts will easily identify sensitive areas in your property that are more vulnerable to pests, bugs, and rodents with their experience and expertise in this field, consequently, those areas will be provided special attention and will be dealt more cautiously.

Calgary Pest Exterminator

If you want to be carefree for future and want to completely remove pests, bugs, and rodents off your property then you shouldn’t definitely take any risk by calling amateur companies who will show as if your property is cleaned but due to less experience your property will still be vulnerable to pests and they can appear at any time. This situation will create uncertainty about the future of your property. To avoid all these problems, all you need to do is contact Dragon Pest Control and we will not only wipe out all the pests, bugs and rodents off your property but we also direct you to follow some simple guidelines(vary from situation to situation) to keep yourself safe from the pests, rodents, and bugs in future. This will remove the uncertainty of pests appearing again from your mind. So you can have a care-free life.

Residential Pest Control

Are you tired of pests in your house? Let Dragon Pest Control's specialists handle them and be amazed at how we terminate all the pests out of your residence.

Industrial Pest Control

Dragon Pest Control is also well-known for cleaning pests of huge properties which usually includes big industries. No matter what size property you own we are there to exterminate the pests off your property.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own business and are struggling with the problem of pests then let us use the most advanced tools in the industry to relieve you of the agony of pests.

Services offered in Calgary

If you are looking for a professional pest extermination company that offers effective and efficient pest, bug, rodent, bird and wildlife control services, then Dragon Pest Control is the most suitable choice for you. Read more on the services offered by us to better understand our company.

Insect Extermination

Insects are the smallest but most difficult control as they can even emerge from tiny holes that may not be easily visible to the naked human eye. Our experts use tools that are well-known for efficient insect extermination

Rodent Removal

If you are struggling with rodents then we suggest you immediately contact us as their existence poses a significant threat to humans as well as human babies. As they can grow quite huge and are very dangerous and must be dealt with immediately. Contact us to get rid of rodents.

Bird Control

Birds are another type of animal that can be annoying at times and can also be a reason for disturbing your peace of mind in the garden, roof or any other place at your house. We also have devised very efficient ways to get rid of birds of your property completely by using tools that cause no damage to your property as well as they are environmentally friendly

Wildlife Control

Dragon Pest Control is all in one company. We are one solution to all of your problems. Instead of calling different companies for different needs, you can contact us, and we will make sure to eliminate all of your problems efficiently. We will also help you to exterminate any other kind of undomesticated animal that disturbs your peace.