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Insect Control and extermination in Calgary

Ants, bed bugs, wasps, grain beetles, carpet beetles, bees, cockroaches, and cereal pests are just some of the many bugs that make everyone fussy. Insects can invade any time of the year, and are not easy to get rid of. An eco-friendly approach is always the preferred option when fighting insects. This can be achieved by an increase in sanitation practices, exclusion, and monitoring. If you think an insect is causing you difficulty, contact Dragon Pest Control to talk about your situation and the perfect solution for your issue. Even though the troubling pest is not on our list, do not worry, Dragon Pest Control has dealt with man unusual situations.

Ant Removal

Dragon Pest Control technicians are the experts in ant removal in Calgary, AB. Most ant problems begin with a glimpsing in the kitchen or a chain of the insect walking along the baseboards. Most of the time, the appropriate pest control solutions including finding and dispatching their colony, eliminating food attractants, and shutting their entry points. At Dragon, our knowledgeable technicians have a full understanding of their nesting sites and habits. They pride themselves by having the knowledge and expertise to help you become ant-free in a professional and timely manner.

Ant Control Calgary

Beetle Control

Ground beetles vary in size, color and shape, though most are dark, blackish, shiny and flattened. They tend to habitat beneath stones, logs, leaves and other debris on the ground. They are lured to light and can enter home or office through openings. They produce pungent smell as a defense mechanism. Other species of beetle include carpet, larder, saw-toothed grain, confused and red beetle. Keep the insect out of your home or office by contacting experts at Dragon Pest Control. 

Cockroach Removal

Has your Calgary home or office been invaded by horrible cockroaches? More than just irritant, roaches can carry a range of bacteria on their bodies and pose a significant health danger. If you are spotting the insect crawling around, it is time to call in the specialists. Dragon Pest Control renders effective removal services crafted to rid you of pest issue once and for all. We take a thorough, detail-oriented approach to all what we do, hence when you choose us, you can rest assured that we will be certain to cover all bases.  

cockroach infestation calgary

Moth control

The revealing signs of a flour or pantry moth are webbing along the corner of the cabinet or inside cereal, flour, or packages. The moths are gray with lines of black on the wing and blotchy white hind wings. The common food sources are seeds, nuts, grains, flour, cornmeal, and dried goods. They are very active during the night and can easily be seen flying around. At the first sign of infestation, contact Dragon Pest Control to learn about the control of these moths in Calgary.

Sow bug extermination

Sow bugs are flat, oval-shaped, and about 1.5 cm long. They feed on decaying vegetation and they are normally found beneath mulch or under objects on damp ground. They tend to invade crawlspaces and basements. Get rid of sow bugs in Calgary, AB with Dragon Pest Control. Contact us today. 

termite infestation calgary

Termite extermination

Since termite infestation is normally hidden and hard to be recognized, the home or office structure should be closely inspected by a trained professional. Regular inspections are necessary to prevent this insect from destroying your home or office. Dragon Pest Control has the skill and the training to correctly diagnose and treat your insect issue. We will recommend the right control treatment that will protect your home or office by keeping them free from termite.

Wasp control

Wasps can quickly turn into a serious problem when they invade your home or place of business. At Dragon Pest Control, we have designed effective wasp control methods for clients in Calgary. If you have been seeing the insect inside or around your property, contact us for comprehensive wasp extermination service.

Wasp Control Calgary
Bedbug infestation Calgary

Bed bugs extermination

Even though they are referred to as bed bugs, they do not just live in beds. Carpeting, clutter, sofas, baseboards, and other furniture are all lavish spots as far as the bugs are concerned, and at night your body may turn into the bug all you can eat buffet. If you suspect the insect issue in your home or business, reach out to Dragon Pest control immediately for extermination.

Why do you require professional insect control services?

Hiring a professional insect control service has some benefits when compared to controlling pest insects such as spider, ant, termite or cockroaches on your own. Dragon Pest Control has highly trained technicians who understand where to treat and how to handle infestations. If you are looking to protect your home or business, consider the benefits of our insect control service. Our insect control specialists pride themselves on their:

Your insect issue is not likely to resolve itself without professional intervention, and the longer you let it suppurate, the worse it is likely to get. So do not delay. For affordable insect control services, call Dragon Pest Control today.