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Commercial Pest Control Specialists

Do you own any commercial property whose success is hindered due to different kinds of pests that give a bad reputation to your business? Then you are in the right place. Dragon Pest Control specializes in pest removal field and will completely eradicate and get rid of pests(no matter which kind) from your property. This service will give a boost to your business and will result in increased sales. With our advanced tools and techniques, we will provide a complete solution to your pests problem and will guide you for future avoidance of these pests. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction which is the reason we have been building a reputation quite rapidly compared to our competitors.

The techniques used by Dragon Pest Control will make sure that no damage whatsoever is done to your property and all damage is done to pests. We guarantee you that you will get complete peace of mind once we will have your property completely free from pests. Our team will inspect each and every aspect of your property and will also guide you on how to prevent them in future.

What makes us best commercial and industrial Pest Control Company in Calgary?

Dragon Pest Control is distinct from other companies that remove and eradicate pests from commercial and industrial properties because we devise plans depending upon the situation. Here are some of the points that separate us from the crowd.

Customized Pest Control Service

Our plans vary from situation to situation. One shoe never fits all. So, we calculate risks for each place and use different methods and tools for each place.

Chemically safe products

Last but not the least, we use methods that are environmentally friendly, and which cause no damage to your property. The products are safe for people and children around as well as pets.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is customer satisfaction. We will only leave your property once we are sure that no pest is in property and all security measures have been taken to keep them away from your property in future.

Long Lasting Pest Services

We also guide our customers on how to prevent pests in future and aware them what situations cause the emergence of pests in the property.

Should you get professional commercial and industrial pest removal services?

YES. It is implicitly understood that pest removal service is very important. Pests, rodents, and bugs can cause serious life-threatening diseases to human beings. Rodents can leave feces on food or near food which alone is enough to put you in a life-threatening situation. Industrial pest control becomes a necessity when you are in the food business. It is an absolute must for food business that regular checkups must be done to make sure food is completely safe and pure. Not only government food authorities can close your whole industry if they find any kind of pests, but they can also impose heavy fines and maybe even throw you in jail for not taking certain measures to keep food clean and pure. If you are in any kind of business and haven’t done a checkup of your place yet, call us right now before it’s too late for you, your business and thousands of people linked to your business as stakeholders.