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Pest Allergens include pest feces, carcasses or even “frass,”, as well as other debris associated with bugs and pests. These can cause serious health problems and needs to be tackled immediately and eliminated by professionals as soon as possible.

The moment you suspect presence and infestation of bed bugs, make sure you do not bring anything else in that area or move anything at all. Call us as soon as possible and our pest exterminators will eliminate bed bugs with appropriate bed bug treatment.

Dragon Pest Control in Calgary uses treatments and chemicals that are completely safe for pets and children. The chemicals used are environmentally friendly and safe in terms of chemical composition.

Pests and bugs pose a lot of harm in a work place or business establishment. It can have serious health consequences for you and your employees. Eventually it will lead to work problems and disruption. It will end up leaving a bad impression on your customers and clients visiting you. Health authorities can also end up getting involved that may destroy your business reputation. For reasons such as these and more, it would be in your best interest to hire professionals such as us at Dragon pest control Calgary that will come out and ensure effective pest removal.

With online resources available, there are a lot of “Do It Yourself” methods but they can be risky and furthermore there is no guarantee that the methods will work completely. For that reason and more, you require help from professional pest extermination company like Dragon Pest Control Calgary for concrete results.

If you have any kind of pest problems, you can call or email us. If you want to set up an appointment for pest extermination or control service, get hold of our pest removal specialists who will set up an appointment at a time that works best for you.

Pest removal treatment times vary depending on what type of pest or bug we are dealing with. Once our exterminators are contacted with the information required, they can assess the situation and give you an approximate time frame for the pest removal treatment and details on what will be done.

To completely make sure your property are bug and pest free, it is advisable to get pest control and removal treatment at least once in a year. It also depends on the type of pest or bug you are dealing with. Sometimes, shorter time period may be advised due to the nature of bug.

If you have heard pest presence or felt it at times in your homes or offices, it is highly advisable to  contact professional pest exterminators such as us to ensure that the bug or pest lurking around is effectively removed.  Call Dragon Pest Control Calgary and let us know what you suspect and one of our expert pest control specialists can come out to inspect.