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As the name of our company hints, we are a reputed, professional and efficient pest, bug and insect extermination service company which consists of expert individuals that have a lot of experience in this field. Dragon Pest Control is based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Our experts utilize the experience and skills they learned in our guidance to completely wipe pests, bugs, and rodents off your property. We are a distinct pest control company and stand out in the country only because our professionals provide complete solutions to your problem along with advice to stop the pests emergence in your property again. We provide permanent solutions compared to other pest control companies. From the start, customer satisfaction has been putting us above in this game compared to other companies.

Another factor due to which many households prefer us is because of our expert individuals who know all the pros cons of using a specific tool in any given situation. As a result, the tools we use make sure that 99.99% of insects are removed from any given location we are working on. Dragon Pest Control will always ensure that you have peace of mind in the future. We work to remove complete uncertainty and stress out of your mind which is our ultimate goal and this is the reason for our soaring reputation.

If you are looking for ultimate satisfaction, contact us right now and leave the rest of the worries to us, not only we will handle them, but we also provide you recommendations that will serve as a support for a permanent solution to your pest problems. It doesn’t matter if your property is residential, commercial or industrial we have got you covered in all situations.

Effective Pest Removal Service

Our reputation speaks for us, with expert individuals and proper experience we can provide you efficient services that are unbeatable in the industry. We leave our competitors far behind in the race of pest removal services. All this is achieved by providing a concrete solution to our customer needs and helping them achieve peace of mind that all pests have been successfully removed and they have our directions to protect themselves in any future encounter with any kind of pests. You can avail of our amazing services right at your doorstep, all you need to do is contact Dragon Pest Control now.

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