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Committed Pest Removal Services for Calgary homes

Dragon Pest Control provides dedicated residential pest removal services. We use tools and technologies that are environmentally friendly and cause no adverse effects on the property. Many pest removal companies efficiently remove pests but due to little to no experience, they use tools that are harmful to your property or environment. Our team of dedicated professionals takes all precautions necessary and calculates risk in each action we perform to make sure all pests have been removed adequately and nothing is left behind.

In addition to providing dedicated services. During our visit, our professionals will also aware you of the pests like what kind of situations increase pests emerging chances and how our valuable customers can avoid these situations. We will inspect each corner of your house that can be a way for pests and their activities. To ensure that your house is completely protected from all kinds of pests. Contact Dragon Pest Control right now and let us protect you from potentially hundreds of dangers and diseases due to pests. In short, our company is the one efficient solution to all your pest problems. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and that’s why we push boundaries to help our customers eradicate all kinds of pests of their property.

Why choose us for residential pest removal services in Calgary?

All our pest control services consequently provide peace of mind to our customers which is our ultimate goal.

Safe pest solutions

Dragon Pest Control has a team of expert individuals that will use all the necessary methods to remove pests off your property. Now, these pests removal methods are chosen according to each situation to make sure no damage is caused to the building /property and environment.

Long lasting pest control

Our professionals will guide you about all the precautions and steps our valuable and respectable customer can take to avoid re-emergence of pests in the future.

Quick and fast pest services

We provide quick service. All you need to do is contact us and Dragon Pest Control will be there to sort out all your issues before they take shape of a problem.

Experienced Pest Exterminators

Risk calculation is done after scanning your whole property manually. Then based on the risks of each method according to each situation a plan is devised for efficient and complete removal of pests.It is to ensure there is no pest infestation in future.

Calgary Residential Pest Extermination

We offer dedicated pest, bug, bird, rodents and wildlife removal and control services in Calgary and around.

Condominium & Apartment Pest Extermination

Are you living in an apartment or condominium and are tired of seeing different kinds of pests here and there in your property and that adds stress to your day to day living? Then don’t worry call us right now and we will be there to relieve your stress by getting rid of pests, so you have time to focus on things that matter.

Home Pest Control

Dragon Pest Control provides home pest extermination services. If pests are not in your sight then that doesn’t mean they are not at your residence. Contact us today to get a complete checkup of your home to make sure that you and your loved ones are completely safe and secure.

Townhouse Pest Removal

Town homes are usually more prone to pests and usually more severe pests. To eradicate the pests off your home and have a sense of satisfaction, contact Dragon Pest Control right now. The best pest management company in town.