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Dragon Pest Control Company is a professional pest extermination, pest removal and control company that offers pest management solutions in various cities across Canada. 

We are expert pest control company when it comes to effective commercial, residential or industrial pest removal solutions.

Edmonton Pest Control

Dragon Pest Control is licensed to provide its services in Edmonton. We thrive at helping our citizens live comfortably without having to worry about pest invasions. We provide commercial, industrial and residential services to our clients. We visit their homes, business establishments, hotels, health clinics, hospitals, farms and anywhere else that pests invade and try to create order. We control a variety of pests such as bed bugs, wasps, ants, spiders, cockroaches, moths and pigeons among many others.

Our prices are quite affordable and we price our services depending on various factors such as the pest involved, the level of the attack, the geographic location and also the size of the place facing the pest attack. Our call line is always open for all our clients in case of any kind of an emergency and we are always quick to respond to pest threats which is why Edmonton can only trust Dragon Pest Control to do the magic of pest control.

Contact Dragon Pest Control Edmonton to get in touch with local pest exterminators that will offer their expertise.

Calgary Pest Control

Dragon Pest Control provides its services in Calgary where we aim at helping our clients control the level of pest invasions in business centers and homes. We offer residential, commercial and industrial services for pest control. Being a city with many sky-scrappers, our large percentage of clients are business owners but we still carry out pest control services in homes as well. We control all kinds of pests that attack Calgary including bugs, wasps, pigeons, rodents, moths, cockroaches, spiders, ants and many more.

We use high quality pest control chemicals that leave no trace of insects and that are quite friendly to pets and human beings. We allow our clients to use the cleaned up environment after an hour or two which is important so that they do not inhale the chemicals used. We offer our services at a very affordable price putting into consideration various factors such as the pest involved, the size of the infestation and the geographic location of an area. We always suggest to our clients to call our helpline in case of any kind of emergency and we shall be quick to respond by sending one of our exterminators to your doorstep.

Red Deer Pest Extermination

Dragon Pest Control is found in various cities all over the country and one of them is Red Deer. We assist our clients in maintaining happy and comfortable environments by controlling the pests that invade their space. We are well equipped to control a number of pests such as moths, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, bugs, rodents, ants and pigeons among others. We offer commercial and residential services to our esteemed customers. We offer our services to homes, hotels, business centers and farms to ensure that any level of pest invasion is controlled.

We use certified chemicals to control pests which ensure that they do not harm pets and human beings, and that that they do not corrode surfaces in homes or offices. Our research team is always ahead researching on better mechanisms for pest control and better products to use in order to be effective and unique. We also have a pricing strategy that enables our clients to pay for our affordable services conveniently. We price our services according several factors such as the level of pest attack, the pest involved, the size of the place infested and the geographical area.

We are always alert in case of any emergencies which is why we advise our clients to reach out to us in times of a crisis and we shall be quick to send in an expert to help out.