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Canadian pest exterminatorA pest infestation is quite unplanned and most times people do not realize it until they notice the damages caused by pests. Pests are caused by different factors such as food spillages, dirt, poor storage of items like firewood, presence of holes and open vents in the house. In Canada many pests are a nuisance to people and they include bugs, spiders, moths, wasps, beetles, cockroaches, ants, mice and pigeons.

Dragon Pest Control Company is a licensed company located in Canada that deals with the extermination of pests of all kinds. We are well trained and have the appropriate devices to control all kinds of pests such as birds, wildlife, rodents and insects. Due to our long existence and the constant training of our workers, we are among the leading pest control companies in Canada. We have our stations in many cities in the country where we carry out extermination services.

Our vision and mission is to keep all homes and businesses free from pest infestations and to ensure that birds and wild animals are not harmed but they are well protected and safely kept in their homes. We do this by the use of certified chemicals which are friendly to pets and human beings, and those that do not react with surfaces such as chairs and office desks. Our research team finds the best chemicals that work effectively on pests thus reducing another occurrence of an infestation.

We also have our pricing plan which is discussed with our clients in our contracts. Our prices vary because of various factors such as the pests involved, the level of attack and the nature of the geographical area involved. We are quite affordable and we ensure our clients are not inconvenienced.

In our company, the team of exterminators are well trained to control pests and give advice on how to live to prevent a future occurrence of pests and so our clients can depend on us in case of any emergency. Our call line is always open for emergencies so do not shy off from giving us a call because we shall not shy off from out.

Superior Pest Removal Service

Dragon Pest Control offers both commercial and residential services. Our professional exterminators provide our services right at your door step or wherever else we are summoned. Our services are provided in homes and all kinds of business and companies such as schools, restaurants, factories and business parlors. We understand how important your business is and that is why we educate the business staff how to eradicate pests and how to maintain a peaceful working environment. Pests can easily cause a negative opinion about a business and to avoid the trouble and embarrassment we are readily available to our customers on our emergency line.

Reasonable prices with successful pest termination

We delight in seeing our customers happy and contented with our services. We offer our services at affordable prices depending on various factors. First, we look at the level of pest attack and the specific pest that is being controlled. Some pests like rodents and termites are hard to control and remove whereas some do not require a lot of work and so their pricing is lower.

 Secondly, we look at the geographic area being controlled. Some people have very large homes or business buildings and so their prices are higher than people with small homes. People who live in remote areas are likely to be charged highly than people who live near towns that are easily accessible.  At Dragon Pest Control Company we aim at making our clients comfortable which is why we make rightful negotiations with them and maintain the value of their money.